The Fluorten Slipper seal consists of a segment in filled F10PTFE, which performs the dynamic action of the seal, and an elastomer ring, usually consisting of an OR, which ensures the persistence of the elastic energy necessary to guarantee the seal is activated over time. In the Slipper sealing concept, advanced formulations of F10PTFE, which are distinguished by low friction and resistance to wear and extrusion, replace the rubber in the dynamic zones.

This leads to a decisive increase in the overall technical limits of the sealing concept. Due to its superior performance, Slipper seals are sought-after in modern designs due to the very small and simple seat possibilities, which meet the primary need of affordability of choice.

Fluor/S calibrated tapes by Fluorten, made of specific formulations of filled F10PTFE, are used for self-lubricating bearings for pistons and rods, avoiding metal to metal contact and thus reducing friction coefficient and wear. These tapes are supplied in continuous length rolls according to customer requirements and the Fluorten standard.

To customers manufacturing Slipper seals and finished parts in general in their workshops, Fluorten provides tubes made with the same premium grade F10PTFE materials used for its own production.

  • Medium-high pressure and high-speed fluid dynamics even without lubrication;
  • Fluid dynamics control and flow adjustment devices;
  • Hydraulics servosystems for precise positioning and high reliability over long services;
  • Slippers are frequently used as a seal on slow rotary, rotary-translational movements, as well as an anti-extrusion for high pressure in static and semi-static applications;
  • The Fluor/S guide bearings are ideal for use with this seal.