The automotive industry is constantly looking for materials that can offer excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties, ensuring exceptional performance, that is why F10PTFE and F10HPP – High Performance Polymers - play a major role and can be the right solution where other traditional materials fail.

F10HPP offer high wear resistance, low energy absorption, outstanding resistance to temperature and chemical agents and of course lightness, which is a major topic in this industry, since the most fuel-efficient vehicles require light weight plastics and it is estimated that every 10% depletion in vehicle weight results in approx. 7% depletion in fuel usage.

Fluorten transforms and processes a wide range of materials, such as natural and filled PTFE, modified PTFE and engineering plastics like PEEK, PI, PA, PC, PP, FEP, PFA and many more which can perform great results when it comes to mechanical and automotive applications and components.

Fluorten processes for the automotive industry only special components for those applications whenever traditional suppliers are not involved or even not interested to work with, like small series and special tailor-made designed parts, both for OEM and subcontractors, and that not even follow the standard logistic basic requirements typical for the automotive industry.