F10PTFE components are one of the most important parts in structural bearings. It is this material that guarantees the perfect settling of the various elements and ensures structural balance in the face of the normal thermal or dynamic shocks these elements may undergo. This is thanks to the low coefficient of friction, mechanical resistance, the possibility of operating in severe environmental and atmospheric conditions, insensitivity to chemical substances and high elasticity, which make it particularly suitable for use as support and sliding bearings in railway lines, pipe lines, road bridges and viaducts, launching off-shore structures, etc.

With regard to the supports for bridges using F10PTFE bearings, Fluorten has for some time independently adopted the EN 1337-2 standard (issued by the MPA Stuttgart University) already in force in Europe, adapting the production of F10PTFE sheets to the requirements which include a "long term" test - wear resistance for 10 km - for the purposes of certifications issued upon request.