VICTREX CT ™ 100 AND CT ™ 200

The continued global growth of natural gas production, sealing applications in the storage and distribution of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and nitrogen, and the engineering challenges associated with the resulting cryogenic temperatures, that will be increasingly part of our future as well, make VICTREX CT™ polymers the perfect solution in these fields.

VICTREX CT™100 and CT™200 polymers allow to meet the challenges of dynamic low-temperature environments, as they are designed and tested to ensure high performance in cryogenic environments, offering reliable sealing across a wide range of temperatures: from -296 °C to 250 °C or higher depending on pressure.

The higher thermal conductivity of these polymers enables a fast response to temperature changes, ensuring greater dimensional stability and sealing properties in applications such as seals in ball valves, orienting then the choice between the two types in accordance to the specific use.

VICTREX CT™100 should be the material of choice when the leakage allowance is very tough to achieve, as the material has outstanding ductility at -296°C.

VICTREX CT™200 should be the material of choice when no hardening processes are foreseen on the ball, as it contains self-lubricating additives which lower the torque and reduce the wear.