Fluorten is a leading manufacturer for the valve industry of components such as seat inserts, energized seals, bellows seals and gaskets in F10PTFE and F10HPP - High Performance Polymers - capable of meeting the most varied demands of site engineers, covering temperatures ranging, by way of example, from cryogenics to +288 °C continuously and up to 482 °C for short periods.

Thanks to our partnership with the biggest polymer manufacturing companies in the world, Fluorten supplies high quality parts to specification made of virgin and filled F10PTFE, modified PTFE (3M™ Dyneon™ TFM™ Modified PTFE), F10HPP, such as F10PEEK, Victrex™ Peek, DuPont™ Vespel®, PCTFE, PA 6.12 and others on request.