FTEN®-1000 is an innovative family of filled fluoropolymers, with exceptional physical and mechanical characteristics, developed by Fluorten.

The quality of FTEN® grades is guaranteed by the use of selected raw materials and by their transformation through processes that have been optimized over the years. The transformation processes are chosen according to the final application, in order to guarantee the performance and durability of the components.

FTEN® products are used in various applications sectors, including industrial, agricultural, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, automotive, railway and naval sectors.


FTEN-1010: Filled PTFE with good wear resistance, suitable for soft counter surfaces. Color: yellow.

FTEN-1011: Filled PTFE with good wear resistance, suggested with hard counter surfaces. Color: dark red.

FTEN-1012: Filled PTFE with good wear resistance and low porosity. Food contact approved (UE). Color: milk white.

FTEN-1013: Filled PTFE with good wear resistance, suitable for both wet and dry conditions. Color: black.



FTEN-1014: Filled PTFE, non-abrasive grade, suitable for soft counter surfaces, great COF and good thermal and electric dissipation. Color: black.

FTEN-1015: Filled PTFE with great chemical resistance and good COF and wear resistance. Color: beige.

FTEN-1028: Filled PTFE with exceptional wear resistance in dry conditions. Good heat removal capability. Food contact approved (FDA, UE, Chinese GB). Color: black