The piston rings and guide bearings made by Fluorten using specific F10PTFE materials are popular for use in compressors, replacing similar products in cast iron, graphite and various fabrics.

In addition to being chemically inert towards almost all technical gases and fluids - with the exception of alkali metals in the molten state, fluorine and hydrofluoric acid in the gaseous state and, at high pressure and temperature, some fluorohydrocarbons - F10PTFE materials have high mechanical properties and wear resistance.

F10PTFE rings and bearings can be used up to temperatures of +260 °C. In general, this limit has to be lowered according to the pressure and speed of the piston.

In the case of heavy-duty applications that require greater resistance to wear and to high temperatures, we make shoes and rings in DuPont™Vespel®. To complete the range, we produce components for suction and delivery valves in natural and filled F10PEEK.

  • Non-lubricated compressors;
  • Low-lubrication compressors;
  • Refrigeration units;
  • Expanding machines;
  • Pumps for the chemical industry;
  • Low temperature liquefied gas pumps.