We believe that the “dimension” of a company can also be measured by its ability to grow culturally, alone and together with its Customers.
We are sure that in these years we have contributed, thanks to the enthusiasm we always dedicate to our job, not only to increase our level of knowledge and experience of the process, but also to increase the Quality of relationships between anyone that operate together with us in the market.

“To provide the market with a technical and commercial service able to satisfy any specific need, respecting our corporate model based on two main principles: constant technological development of the process and Quality improvement”.


Since its foundation in 1966, FLUORTEN has always identified itself with the brand that distinguishes high Quality products.

Over the years, the Company has been able to develop solidly, with a growth compatible to its own technical and economic capacities.

The activity started with fluoropolymers has been gradually expanded with the processing of technical parts in technopolymers, closely developed with the Customer.

FLUORTEN corporate “philosophy” to work with each Customer to solve project design and production problems to obtain a competitive product, has continuously driven the Company to invest in people and technologies.

Currently FLUORTEN production is composed of very modern project design, extrusion, moulding and mechanical processing plants to supply semi-finished or finished products in PTFE and injection moulded Technopolymers of the highest Quality as well as technicians that can guarantee an internal process with monitoring and reliability standards that are difficult to find elsewhere.


FLUORTEN has developed the conviction that before become “customers”, our clients are first of all partners, with whom we must develop a project design and production path.
A cycle that starts with a request for a specific project that must be assessed and analysed together, in terms of feasibility and advantages, before to reach the best industrialisation of the project.


Production partnership develops within the Company through the experience and controls carried out by FLUORTEN on raw materials, followed by checks on semi-finished and then on finished product, to ensure that each individual part maintains the characteristics initially requested by the Customer and by the market.