The Energy industry demands materials that are capable to resist both to high and cryogenic temperatures, to high pressure, that offer high mechanical strength, chemical resistance and are suitable for the most extreme environments. Modern premium grades F10PTFE and F10HPP - High Performance Polymers – like natural and filled PTFE, modified PTFE, PEEK (natural and filled, including VICTREX CT™100 e CT™200 grades), PCTFE, DuPont™ Vespel®, have a major contribution towards the improvement of the existing solutions in the Energy industry thanks to their great range of benefits.

Fluorten has significantly invested in technologies and development to find innovative solutions to new technical challenges. With our know-how in transforming materials, from powders to finished products, we can meet the specific requirements of the Energy industry, suitable for a wide range of applications. We also work closely with our customers, in order to achieve the best solutions that suit their application's requirements.

In addition to this, our products are tested in accordance with API/6A, NORSOK M-710, EN ISO 23936-1, which verifies the material's resistance to the severe conditions of the environment it will be exposed to. Typical applications for the Energy industry can benefit from the weight reduction and the extended mechanical, physical and chemical properties, not to mention temperature resistance, both from high to cryogenic ones, provided by these materials.