"What material to use for 3D printing?"

After deciding to rely on 3D printing technology for the production of technical components, this is certainly the first question that could come to your mind.

Fluorten, with its over 50 years of experience in the transformation of PTFE and HPP - High Performance Plastics, offers the possibility to 3D print finished parts with different types of materials ranging from PEEK, CARBON PEEK, CARBON PA, PP, to ULTEM ™ AM9085F.


PEEK by Fluorten is a semi-crystalline polymer that combines excellent mechanical, physical and chemical properties. Thanks to its high resistance to wear and abrasion, its ability to withstand temperatures between -196 °C and + 260 °C (-320.8 °F and +500°F) and to maintain its mechanical characteristics even in extreme operating conditions, PEEK is used with excellent results for ever new applications and sectors.


Carbon Peek by Fluorten is a highly performing super polymer for 3D printing. The addition of carbon fibers enormously increases the mechanical properties of the parts produced with additive technology. In addition to possessing the characteristics of PEEK, Carbon Peek guarantees greater thermal stability and higher stiffness.


Carbon PA Fluorten is a carbon fiber reinforced polyamide. It is an ultralight polymer, characterized by very high mechanical properties of tensile strength and stiffness and for this reason it can be used to replace metal alloys in aluminum. Thanks to its ability to withstand high temperatures and numerous chemical agents, it is used in various sectors, including the aerospace, automotive and industry sectors in general.


Polypropylene (abbreviated as PP) is a semi-crystalline polymer characterized by high impact resistance, low density, good thermal and abrasion resistance. It also offers very high insulating properties, excellent resistance to humidity and good chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents.


ULTEM ™ AM9085F, polyetherimide (PEI), is an amorphous thermoplastic polymer, characterized by high resistance to acids and hydrolysis, and which possesses excellent thermal and mechanical properties. It guarantees resistance to heat, deformation and high rigidity. It is also an excellent flame retardant, with low smoke generation and good mechanical properties.

If you have special needs or if you have not yet identified the right material and production technology for you, Fluorten will be able to help you!

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